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With over twenty years of experience in this business, FOTO-GRAPHIX put the categories "website design" and "ecommerce" in the phone book for Orange County, New York  even before we all simply googled it. We have seen many of our competitors come and go, but we are still standing strong while satisfying thousands of customers with our extensive knowledge and professional, yet personal, creative touch. Why? It's Simple... Our clients aren't just clients... they are relationships.

We pride ourselves on our integrity, knowledge, and creative technique, as well as our ability to deliver top of the line work, at prices lower than our competitors.

We are not a large design and marketing firm with offices around the world with specific departments and divisions that each assist with a different element of your project. We are a small, family owned and operated business with a few employees who excel at what they do. We prefer to keep our firm small to keep overhead costs low so we can offer you the lowest pricing for services that other large design and marketing corporations will charge much, much more for. Besides that, staying small allows us to get to know our customers better so that we can better assist them in accomplishing their goals for their business.

FOTO-GRAPHIX can help you - on time and within budget!


  • Established 1992
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